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Icons by Poe
Pocket.Icon Tutorial 
6th-Aug-2006 09:21 pm

Making this:

This would be my first (ever) icon tutorial (and most likely, the last). I applaud anyone who (regularly) does tutorials, as I’ve discovered what a pain in the ass that they are to put together. *nice.boi smile*
However, I thought that it would be a good thing to do, since I’d had the brilliant (note the sarcasm) idea of making a pocket icon. I haven’t any clue if there’s an easier way of doing this and I don’t recall coming across any sort of tutorial for an icon such as the one that I’m writing the tut on.
In any event, I use PSP 8 and as the tutorial was lengthy enough [without], I wrote this for those who are moderately familiar with the program (so I wouldn’t need to write in the how to basics).
I’ve used PS 7 before, so I would think that this tut would be translatable, easily enough (if you know your way around Ps 7, that is).
On to the tutorial:
[ETA] If you make an icon (using the pocket mask that I made) I'll be requiring credit on that. Or it's off with your head! Ahem.

Making a Pocket Icon:

Step 1) Choose your background texture. For this tutorial icon, I’ve chosen a texture that I made, once.upon.a.time ago:

Step 2) Choose a texture for your pocket. I’ve chosen a texture from the same set in which I chose my background:

Step 3) Layer the pocket mask that I made onto the second texture and set your mask to multiply. Merge the layers:

Step 4) Now copy the (merged) pocket layer and paste that onto your background. Set the layer to screen. You’ll notice that the black lines defining the pocket are gone. Yes, [well] I never said that this icon wouldn’t take time in making. *chuckle* You’ll need to re.trace those on the next step. Your icon should be similar to this (or exactly like this, if you’re using my textures:

Step 5) Choose your pen tool (simply tap the letter V on your keyboard if you’re (still) not aware of what that is and it will be selected) with the [Create as vector] and [Simple Mode] boxes checked. Select [Drawing Mode] and the Segment Type should be [Line Segments]. Line style is the first choice, width=1.00.
Make a new raster layer above the pocket layer and fill in the blank lines on the pocket with the color black. After each line filled, you’ll need to select the (newly made) vector layer and choose Merge > Down. Just don’t merge it with the pocket layer (or) the black will be screened out, again.
Of course, you can use your brush, set at +Square, size 1 and draw it in, if you don’t want to use the pen tool. I’ve gotten too lazy to draw it in, so I’ve taken to the pen tool, since discovering it. *grin*
Now your icon should look like this:

Step 6) At this point, your pocket is ready to be filled. I decided against filling mine with what’s honestly in my pocket (and you should be happy, trust) and went with a couple of images that were (quickly) at hand. You don’t have to use mine, of course (esp. as I’m too lazy to save the cropped images, separately. Ahem), so choose what you’d like and resize (if necessary). I took the images down to a width of 40 pixels and it was suitable enough for what I wanted. Feel free to experiment. I learn nearly everything by simply getting in there and messing around.
I used the deform tool and tilted the image until I was happy with it and erased everything below the nifty black lines that I filled in, earlier. Instant slipping into the pocket:

Step 7) Next I wanted to add a sort of background for the tiny Emmett image to rest upon; he looked weary to me. So I created a new layer, dragged it beneath the Emmett layer and chose my Selection tool, [Mode=Add (shift)], feather=1, with the anti-alias box checked.
I went with the Rounded Square selection type, made a box and filled that in (using the Bucket tool) with basic white, clicked on Ctrl+D to deselect it, and then I went back to my deform tool and messed around with it until I was happy with the position. You don’t have to, yet I didn’t feel as if I was getting a proper workout with this icon, so I set that layer to screen. It didn’t do [much], other than brighten it, slightly. Make sure to erase everything beneath the nifty black lines, again.
Your icon should (now) look like this:

Step 8) I wasn’t quite satisfied with that look, so I made a new layer, dragged that one beneath the white box layer and used the same method that I explained in Step 7 to make another box, this one behind the white. I shifted that one around until I was satisfied, set the layer to soft light and (finally) I was sated.
You should have something similar to this:

Step 9) I figured out why Emmett looked so sad; he was lonely. So I snagged another image of him, went through the motions of cropping and resizing, and then I copied and pasted him onto the pocket layer, dragging the new image beneath the other Emmett image ( and above the boxes). I played with tilting him, using the deform tool, until happy; next, I (say it with me) erased everything beneath the nifty black lines.
He looks happy now, eh?

Step 10) I didn’t want this image to be boxless, so I made a new layer beneath the smiling Emmett image and used my selection tool (Square, this time) to create another box (doing the whole deforming thing again). I didn’t choose white to fill it in, as there was enough of that color, already, and it would have been too much; so I chose black, set that layer to soft light and found out that it was too light, so I duplicated it.
Satisfied, I then had this:

Let’s take a break; I need a beer.
*sits back down, thirst quenched*
Alright, let’s continue:

Step 11) That’s all that I wanted in the pocket; if I can’t be happy with twin bois, then there’s [no] satisfying me.
The pocket looked too blank for me, so I selected my Brush tool and found something to close the folds. It turned out to be a flower. I don’t know where this brush came from; a friend supplied me with a load of brushes back when she pointed me to PSP 7 and this one was included.
I wanted a button (only) I don’t have any button brushes, so a flower it was.
I chose the color #772C09 and slapped that baby on there.
Next, I went to Effects > 3D effects > Drop shadow with the settings of [Vertical=1, horizontal=1, opacity=100, blur=0.00, color=white] and put a shadow in. This wasn’t good enough for me, so I duplicated the layer.
Then I had this:

Step 12) At this point I was beginning to ponder if I (honestly) wanted to make a pocket icon; however, I’d come too far to end it (and I was bored), so I trudged onward.
I selected another brush, this one of tape, made by teh_indy and slapped that onto the edge of the pocket (color=white), used my deform tool to tilt it and set the blend mode to screen, opacity=78.
I duplicated that layer, went to Image > Mirror and positioned it onto the opposite side of the pocket.
With that accomplished, I didn’t need to worry about my pocket sliding off the background and the icon looked like this:

Step 13) I wanted to put the new dotted brushes that I made today (you can find them HERE) in use, so I selected one with my brush tool and slapped that onto the icon (color #ECFCFC):

Step 14) I thought that having a word on the icon would be a nice finishing touch (I was hungry and wanted this to be done with). Expression seemed to fit, as Emmett was having them, so I chose font Pakenham, size=9 and put that on the lower right hand corner.
My icon was (finally, thank everything in existence) finished and it looked like this:

Because of the blend modes, you may need to experiment with what textures that you use for this icon, if you decide that you’re bored enough to give it a go.
I’d be happy to see what anyone creates, using my tutorial, so feel free to drop me a comment with your icon included. Thank you for your time (and patience). *smile*
7th-Aug-2006 02:19 am (UTC)
Awesome *claps hands*

I'll try that at home and see if I can force my ancient Photoshop to to that ^ ^
8th-Aug-2006 03:56 am (UTC)
Thank you, m'dear. *smile*
7th-Aug-2006 02:55 am (UTC)

that's cool.


I like it, It's obvious you spent a lot of time/energy/typing on this haha. good deal :)
8th-Aug-2006 03:57 am (UTC)
Too [much] time\energy\clickty clacktying, yes. *chuckle*
Thank you, m'dear.
7th-Aug-2006 04:17 am (UTC)
*licks this tut* Lovely! i'll have to try it out when i'm more awake.

*bites you in praise of all your effort/work here*
8th-Aug-2006 04:00 am (UTC)
*bites you back*
Thank you, mate.
7th-Aug-2006 07:25 am (UTC)
what's a "brush?"


i might even be able to follow these directions...
8th-Aug-2006 04:02 am (UTC)
*gives you a look, and then applauds you for wading through this tut*
7th-Aug-2006 07:36 pm (UTC)
I decided against filling mine with what's honestly in my pocket (and you should be happy, trust)
What was in your pocket? Just curious...

*pokes you* Haru wants you to make a pocket icon with him and Yuki in it. He told me so. Really, he did! He wants to star in another photo.story too...
8th-Aug-2006 04:10 am (UTC)
What was in your pocket?
A hole. *snicker*
He wants to star in another photo.story too...
Yes, and I read [on Frank's journal] who you wanted to be his co.star, as [well]. My camera's broken. Ahem. *averts gaze*
7th-Aug-2006 10:20 pm (UTC)
lovely icon&tutorial.
question though.
who is the left picture of?
8th-Aug-2006 04:12 am (UTC)
Thank you; [much] appreciated. *smile*
who is the left picture of?
They're (both) the guy that stars as Emmett Honeycutt on Queer as Folk.
11th-Oct-2006 12:13 am (UTC)
Fooled around a Bit and Gots this!Mwa! O_O..hmmm...not exactly what i was going for...but...OH well!~
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Thankees~*__*Meming, nice tut~
3rd-Nov-2006 12:07 am (UTC)
That's a nice icon; don't know what you were going for, yet I fancy the result. *smile*
Happy that you enjoyed the tut.
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